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Colors and Shades

This is really important to understand that Himalayan Salt is blessing of ALLAH. Every salt that we mine is different in color and shade. We try to give our 100% in cutting, shaping and color selection. Even after putting in maximum efforts and using advanced technology, minor chances of color mismatch do exist.

Size, Weight and Dimensions

All of our products are hand made, so it is impossible to have two same products exactly alike. As a user or customer, please try to ignore small differences in size, weight and dimensions.

Packing Quality

We pack products in 7 ply master cartons. But we are flexible in our packing and can pack products as per customer demand. Individual boxes, bubble wraps, four color boxes and many other type of packing material is available. Cost incurred in demand packaging will be charged to the customer.


We always pack extra items in each container. However, each container may contain +10% or -10% items.


Keeping in view our low profit margins, any bank charges or bank transfer fee will be paid by the customer(s) while sending payments. Normally the bank transfer fee is 30 USD.

Salt Tiles/Bricks Issue

We are specialist in Himalayan salt Tiles/Bricks/Plates. We want to let our customer know that in Salt tiles or bricks, we guarantee that at least one side of the tile would be clear with no damage corners; colors would be dark with accurate size.


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