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  Cube Shape

Cube shape candle holder is simple, stylish and delicate candle holder. Our cube shape T-Light candle holder is created from pure Himalayan salt exactly matching the shape of a cube. It will be an adorable addition to your beautification items. When installed with burning candle, it will have a peaceful and gentle effect on its environment. As it is created from pure Himalayan salt, it will generate large amount of negative ions to increase your health and positive energy. Don’t miss this cube shape candle holder.

  Multi Colour Animals

Multi Green Animals

Multi green animals are created with green onyx. With different green shades and different combinations of green color, our creative designers have really designed masterpieces. These multi shades green animals can be best used for home décor, office décor, to teach children about different animals and can serve the purpose of toys. These animals are offered in different sizes varying from 2 inches to 8 inches. Onyx is a precious element which has a soothing effect on human mind. So it is quite useful to use such multi purpose elements as decoration pieces in your home.

  Special One

This is a specially designed candle holder for our dear customers, a gift from KMS to all its customers residing all over the world.  This special candle holder is uniquely designed with pure Himalayan salt. You can use this T-Light candle holder in your homes for romantic candle light dinners. Or use them as special décor items in your rooms. No matter how you use this special candle holder, it will always be a symbol that KMS cares for you all the times – every time.


  Rock Salt Lumps

Rock Salt lumps

We have purest Himalayan rock salt lumps available in top class quality. The rock salt lumps we provide contain very high minerals. Normally rock salt lumps are packed in massive bags of 1 tone. But with varying needs of the customer, we offer packing in different bags and containers. Our rock salt lumps are exported in many countries around the world, which is a symbol of their best quality and elite packing.

  Natural Shape

Natural Shape

Natural shape T-Lights are created from natural salt. These T-Lights are adorably designed and finely tuned with creative art of our proficient designers. Available in different sizes from 500g to 3kg, these natural shaped T-Lights serve as a stylish source of light. T-Lights having immaculate design can also be used as a beautification product. We have many different natural salt T-Lights in all price ranges.

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