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  2x8x16 Inches



Salt Tiles We produce finely tuned salt tiles in many different sizes for our national and international customers. We produce fine salt tiles in different sizes like, 2*4*8, 9*9*2, 1*4*8 and 2*4*8. These salt tile can serve many functions. You can use these salt tiles to create a room for yoga practicing, you can use them in gyms or spas, these tiles can also be used in rooms for the purpose curing diseases like, Speleotherapy, asthma, respiratory conditions, immune system disorder and illnesses. Nevertheless you can use these marvelous salt tiles as decoration items in your home or office and you can use them as a source of negative ions. Having so many advantages and uses, can you take the chance to miss such a superb product? So order today for your pack of salt tiles.
  Special KMS FLOWER

Special KMS Flower

This special flowered shaped salt lamp is specially and significantly designed salt lamp model for the valuable customers of KMS. It looks really awesome when glowing in darkness, giving a soothing effect. 

  Salt Tear

Salt tear lamp is a symbol of outclass creativity and innovation of our competent designers and craftsmen. They have designed a salt lamp similar to the shape of a tear. Designed elegantly and with extreme perfection, it gives the look of a real tear. We have already huge demand for these salt tear lamps and we are currently receiving bulk orders from all corners of the world. Give this unique tear shaped salt lamp a try today.

  Natural Salt Lamp

Created from pure natural salt are our fabulous natural salt lamps. Our natural salt lamps are offered in different sizes and volumes. We craft two types of natural lamps, one with wooden base and other with onyx/marble base. Both look equally fascinating and stylish. Natural salt lamp will provide you intensive light in darkness with a decorative look. It will be a stunning addition in your home. 

  Crystal White Natural Salt Lamps

Crystal white natural salt lamps are another famous category of lamps provided by KMS. These types of lamps are created from pure white crystals of natural salt. You will surely love these crystal white natural salt lamps. We are the only providers of these lamps in the market. Contact us now for your set of crystal white lamps.

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