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  Multi Green Animals

Multi Green Animals

Multi green animals are created with green onyx. With different green shades and different combinations of green color, our creative designers have really designed masterpieces. These multi shades green animals can be best used for home décor, office décor, to teach children about different animals and can serve the purpose of toys. These animals are offered in different sizes varying from 2 inches to 8 inches. Onyx is a precious element which has a soothing effect on human mind. So it is quite useful to use such multi purpose elements as decoration pieces in your home.


  Star Shape

Star Shape

This is another salt lamp designed in a fabulous fashion by our expert designers. It is a star shaped salt lamp, created from fine Himalayan salt to give maximum negative ions.

  Granulated Bath Salt

We are the producers and exporters of pure granulated bath salt. It pinkish color depicts that it is original, pure and finely crushed Himalayan salt. We have already hundreds of satisfied customers who are using our granulated bath salt. Contact us for your order to be our next customer.

  Salt Bowl with Chunks

We have a special Himalayan salt lamp which has been crafted in the shape of a bowl having different chunks in it. You can use this bowl with chunks for lightening purpose, as it look gorgeous while glowing or you can simply put it in your cupboard for a delicate and stylish look. We can also create a customized salt lamp on your request. If you have nay particular design, shape, sculpture or any other thing to be crafted on your salt lamp, contact us and we will craft your ideas on salt lamp. We also have expertise in crafting animal sculptures and unique natural shapes on our lamps.

  Cylinder Shape

Have you ever heard before about a cylinder shaped candle holder created with fine Himalayan salt? Obviously no, but at Khalid Maqbool & Sons, we have this exclusive cylinder shaped T-Light candle holder with us. Our designers have developed this new and unique type of candle holder to provide our precious customers with something totally new, different and worth mentioning product. We are the sole producers of this type of candle holders. Book your new cylinder shape candle holder today to be the first one among your family and friends to have this exclusive item.

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