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Khalid Maqbool & Sons is the prevalent manufacturer and exporter of Himalayan salt and all types of salt related products. Since 2003, we have been serving tremendously the diverse needs of our valuable customers in many different parts of the world. We not only deal with pure salt and different salt types, but we produce a wide range of products from Himalayan salt. Our sophisticated technology and meticulous labor force makes us diverse from our competitors.

We have a culture of accepting and delivering bulk orders well within time. We have immense expertise in producing, storing, packaging, and delivering bulk orders. We are committed to provide crown quality services to our precious customers. Our clever and experienced team is consistently working to provide proactive services to our national and international customers.

Our major exporting countries

With thousands of satisfied customers in different parts of the world, we are a major Himalayan salt exporting company in the country. Our ability to serve a diverse range of customers successfully makes us an elite company. We have been exporting various Himalayan salt products majorly in USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA AND EUROPE!


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