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 "Crafted T-Lights"  Products List
  Round Shape

At KMS, we produce many different shaped Himalayan salt T-Lights candle holders. One of such exceptionally creative candle holder is our round shaped candle holder. Round shape T -Light candle holder is created from fine Himalayan salt to give maximum negative ions for a healthy body. Along with p......
  Heart Shape

Our innovative designers have created this lovely art piece for segmented customers. Heart shape T-Light candle holder is crafted in the shape of a heart. It looks really attractive and charming while installed with a burning candle. Heart shaped candle holder is a special gift of KMS for youngsters......
  Star Shape

Among our huge collection of different candle holders with various shapes, star shape T-Light candle holder is getting popular day by day. It gives the resemblance of a shinning star when glowing. Its unique and new star shape design is getting famous among people of all ages. Whether you use it a......
  Wine Glass Shape

Highlight any room or office with this Himalayan wine glass salt candle holder. This amazing natural ionizer tea light salt candleholder is beautifully handcrafted by KHALID MAQBOOL & SONS expert craftsman, using the selected salt rock from the 250 million years old Himalayan......
  Cylinder Shape

Have you ever heard before about a cylinder shaped candle holder created with fine Himalayan salt? Obviously no, but at Khalid Maqbool & Sons, we have this exclusive cylinder shaped T-Light candle holder with us. Our designers have developed this new and unique type of candle holder to provide......
  Apple Shape

Our apple shaped candle holder will surely catch your eyes. First time in the market, you will going to see such a lovely candle holder in the shaped of an apple. Our designers are in the process of continuous research to come up with new ideas which can ultimately result in more satisfied custome......
  Flower Shape

For couples, lovers, friends and life partners, KMS brings an exclusive flower shape candle holder. Use it as a gift item to give it to your loved ones on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Crafted with a beautiful flower our candle holder is very famous among youngster in......
  Lover Heart Shape

Love heart shape candle holder it another uniquely designed item which is getting famous among people of all ages. Our designers have artistically crafted a lovely heart shape T-Light candle holder for our young customers. If you are in love, need to deliver your feelings to your loved one, cannot......
  Cube Shape

Cube shape candle holder is simple, stylish and delicate candle holder. Our cube shape T-Light candle holder is created from pure Himalayan salt exactly matching the shape of a cube. It will be an adorable addition to your beautification items. When installed with burning candle, it will have a pe......
  Round Flower Shape

KMS remains always one step ahead in providing extra facilitation to its customers. This time, we have developed a new type of T-Light candle holder for you, which is known as round flower shape candle holder. Similar to a flower, this particular candle holder gives a highly magnificent look when ......
  Special One

This is a specially designed candle holder for our dear customers, a gift from KMS to all its customers residing all over the world.  This special candle holder is uniquely designed with pure Himalayan salt. You can use this T-Light candle holder in your homes for romantic candle light dinners.......
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