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 "Special Shapes Salt Lamps"  Products List
  Designed Pyramid

  Designed Pyramid Khalid Maqbool & Sons is well-known for creating and exporting differently designed salt lamps. One of such well known salt lamp is pyramid salt lamp, which has the resemblance of a pyramid. Salt lamps are used for lightening purpose or they can be used as a home d&ea......
  Heart Designed Cylinder

Heart Designed Cylinder This heart designed cylindrical Himalayan salt lamp is getting famous like any thing. The unique idea of creating a finely shaped heart on a cylindrical salt lamp is an innovation of KMS. With its increasing fame and bulk orders, we are already in process of developing the......
  Special KMS FLOWER

Special KMS Flower This special flowered shaped salt lamp is specially and significantly designed salt lamp model for the valuable customers of KMS. It looks really awesome when glowing in darkness, giving a soothing effect.  ......
  Heart Crafted on Natural Shape

Heart Crafted on Natural Shape We have recently developed a new salt lamp with extremely new and unique design. It comes with a heart crafted on a natural shaped salt piece. It is yet another success of KMS and our highly skilled designers and labour force. When glowing, it looks splendid. We sugge......
  Star Shape

Star Shape This is another salt lamp designed in a fabulous fashion by our expert designers. It is a star shaped salt lamp, created from fine Himalayan salt to give maximum negative ions.......
  Round Flower Shape

Round Flower Shape Round flower shaped salt lamp is one of the finest salt lamps we have with us in the stock. Its design, its looks, finishing and overall style is worth watching. We have huge demand for these salt lamps inside the Pakistan and abroad. Its uniqueness and elegant design makes it ......
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